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Twenty-First Century Group, Inc. is a bipartisan Washington consulting firm specializing in Federal Government affairs.

We offer strategic advice and planning to our clients who are dealing with issues before the House, the Senate, and the Executive Branch agencies.

Our combined experience totals more than 80 years of working with Congress, the White House, and the regulatory agencies.

The Principals of the Twenty-First Century Group possess expertise on a broad spectrum of issues and clients benefit from that experience and from the firm’s knowledge of the political process, as well as its extensive contacts within the Federal Government.

DC Lobying Firm

Our Clients
The Twenty-First Century Group represents a large and diverse group of clients. All benefit from our many years of experience, our keen understanding of the political process, and our extensive contacts in government and business.
  • Association of neighborhood pharmacies
  • Cable Company
  • Telecommunications companies
  • Vaccination company
  • Venture capital telecommunications fund
  • A global building materials company

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